Nothing says nourishing comfort like a big pot of beef stew, especially on a cold winter evening or a brisk spring night. Packed with rich flavors that satisfy your taste buds and fill even the hungriest belly, this rich dish has long been the favorite of families from many different cultures. The best part of all is that it lends itself to left-overs, which seem to taste even better the next day.

Today’s busy lifestyle has made minding a simmering pot of soup or stew challenging, but you don’t need to worry on that score either. Beef stew is not only delicious when cooked slowly for hours in a crockpot but is also fabulous when it comes from a pressure cooker. Making Pressure cooker beef stew can happen in a fraction of the time it normally takes, and the results are delicious.

Modern pressure cookers are easy to use, safe and inexpensive. Their locking feature ensures that they are not opened prematurely, which can result in a dangerous gust of extremely hot steam. They can also be set to start and stop at specific times, enabling you to put the ingredients into the pot before leaving home and return to a cooked meal. Many models can perform several different tasks as well, making them versatile all-in-one kitchen appliances.

Beef stew is a dish that is sure to please the whole family. Serve it with a healthy salad and some crusty bread, and we guarantee that people will be going back for seconds.