Of all of the various food plans followed by people who are practicing “clean eating”, the Paleo diet is probably the most popular. Adherents of this lifestyle reduce or eliminate most gluten, dairy and legumes from their diet, focusing instead on non-processed fresh meats and vegetables. If you’re interested in getting the digestive irritants out of your system as well but don’t want to give up some of the dishes you love, take heart. There are Paleo alternatives to virtually everything – and they’re delicious!


Maybe Paleo discourages you from eating white or whole wheat pasta, but don’t despair. If you haven’t tried spaghetti squash or spiralized zucchini noodles, you don’t know what you’re missing. Either can be used instead of traditional types of pastas in virtually any Italian dish. Amp up the protein content with nut-based pesto, and you’ll never look back.


“I would love to go Paleo,” you have probably said to yourself, “but I couldn’t do without the bread.” Once again, the spiralizer can come to the rescue. Apply it to sweet potatoes to make a nutritious sandwich foundation that’s tastier than most rolls and a lot more nutritious.


This might not have the same distinct flavor of those bags of instant noodles that sustained you through college, but it gives you your ramen fix in a completely Paleo-friendly and nutritious way. Instead of using regular processed noodles, make it with Shiritaki noodles that are combined with onions, carrots, Kombu, nori, scallions, mushrooms, pork and chicken. Sure, you can use a store-bought beef or chicken broth in a pinch. However, make your own bone broth for the truly Paleo touch.


If you can’t imagine life without the occasional milkshake, we have a solution that enables you to remain Paleo while continuing to enjoy your passion for creamy, cold goodness. Instead of dairy, combine bananas, coconut water, lime juice, vanilla extract and your favorite fruit in a blender until it reaches your preferred consistency. It truly is guilt-free – and delicious as well.


The Paleo diet lends itself to shepherd’s pie. You can easily forego gluten, dairy and processed foods when you make paleo shepherd’s pie. Just combine fresh or frozen veggies with ground beef, turkey or lamb and top the casserole with either mashed white or sweet potatoes. This is a particularly delicious dish to have during the cold days of winter when you’re craving rich foods that stick to your ribs.

Eliminating processed foods, dairy and glutens from your diet can give you energy and even help you lose weight. Best of all, you don’t need to sacrifice flavor. Enjoy the foods you love with just a few slight modifications, and you may soon find yourself preferring these versions over their less nutritious alternatives.