We all know or heard of a person that’s addicted to drugs. For that person it always starts with curiosity or friends. It’s not just a glass of wine or a bottle of beer; it’s not just something you smoke occasionally or it’s not just for one day. They usually convince themselves with little lies at first. They’d already have a serious addiction when they realize they have a problem. After that, they have a decision to make. They can continue being a drug addict and damage their brain cells on a regular basis, they can consult a family member and get help, or they can directly go to a drug treatment center that will help them in many ways.
Almost all type of treatment centers have a similar program. There are 3 main steps towards recovery.
1- detox cleanse your body
2-Rehabilitation (Substance Abuse Therapy)
3-Ongoing-Recovery (After-Care)
Drug addiction means uncontrollable desire to drugs and alcohol. It takes a lot of effort to win the fight against it. The first step you take is detoxing.
• Detoxification is a crucial step in a long journey. Your body gets rid of the toxic substances of alcohol and drugs in your system. Most withdrawal syndromes are not pleasant. How hard this process gets, depend on how frequent or how much you used drugs and alcohol. There should definitely be a doctor supervising you while you’re detoxing.
• After the first step, rehab begins. You learn how to recognize the triggers, the high-risk situations and how avoid them. This step usually has group or individual therapies to identify why you became addicted in the first place. What is the underlying reason? They also start giving you the confidence and information you need to stay sober.
• As you go on with your recovery, you are now closer to the end of your program. You will most likely work with your therapist to create a proper plan for you. This plan may consist of support groups, ongoing therapy and sober-living arrangements.
These are the common steps every drug treatment center use. The duration is determined by you. It’s usually 30 days, but it can be 60 or 90, even longer. It depends on your decision.
Based on a research since the 70s, these are some principles of effective treatment:
• Addiction is a complicated disease that affects brain functions
• Effective treatment focuses on all the patient’s needs, not just his/her addiction problem
• Treatment plans must be reviewed and renewed according to the patient’s needs
• Detoxification is only the first step of recovery
Relapsing is also a part of being a recovering drug addict. That’s one of the reasons why they have behavioral therapies. They present strategies to stop the cravings, teach some ways to avoid using drugs, and prevent relapse. If relapse occurs, they are still there to help you.
Unfortunately, there is no cure for addiction, but you learn to manage and even live without any difficulties throughout your life. Drug treatment centers in OC cure your way of thinking; they help you get back on your feet and go on living.