After the Easter bunny has delivered baskets and treats to your home, you can begin planning brunch for your family and friends. When all of the ham, vegetables, and other dishes are gone, you can enjoy a few Easter desserts that are full of flavor and that have a fun design for the holiday.

Egg Cookies

Sugar cookies aren’t just for Santa anymore. After preparing sugar cookie dough, roll it out so that you can cut egg shapes. Bake the cookies, and decorate them to look like Easter eggs. Have fun while decorating by letting your guests design their own cookies.

Cake Pops

Instead of making a large cake for your Easter brunch, bake these Easter cake pops that can be decorated to look like fun characters. Dip your cake pops in white chocolate to make a bunny or pastel colors to design Easter eggs. Add sprinkles and other decorations to the cake pops to bring out the design that you want to convey. Place the cake pops in a basket of grass so that they look like they’re poking through.

Bunny Cupcakes

When you look at an Easter bunny, one of the things that you might notice is his cotton tail as he hops away. You can make bunny butt cupcakes or those that feature his wiggly nose for your Easter brunch. Use white icing for the base of your decorating. Add a marshmallow for your bunny’s butt along with small sugar cookies decorated to look like pink feet. If you’re making a face, you can use candy strips for the whiskers and a cut strawberry for the nose.

Rice Treats

Make rice treats with marshmallows and butter as you would if you were making a traditional dish of the dessert. After all of the ingredients are combined, shape the rice cereal treats into ovals so that they look like eggs. Dip the eggs in melted chocolate of different colors before decorating them. Hide the treats in plastic eggs for a sweet surprise.

Fresh Fruit Cakes

These aren’t the traditional fruit cakes that you might toss in the trash at Christmas. When you prepare cake batter for a large cake or cupcakes, add the zest and juice of your favorite fruit. There are also a few combinations that bring out spring flavors including blueberry and lemon or strawberry and lemon. Decorate the top of your cake with fresh slices of the fruit used in the cake.

When you gather together for Easter brunch, don’t forget to include a variety of treats to enjoy. Add a little color to the desserts that you make as the holiday is usually the beginning of the spring season.