Are you looking for oral dentists or clinics offering quality oral health services? Well, Avenue Sourire is the right health facility for you. We offer affordable and quality services. Here are other reasons why Avenue Sourire is the best clinic for your oral health.

Qualification and Experience

Every dentist at Avenue Sourire is highly qualified. All of the dentists working in Avenue Sourire have a long working experience and have a well-recognized oral surgeon diploma. Among them, many are specialized in implants or endodontics. In this clinic, you can be sure to find a dentist having the type of experience you need for your particular situation.

Modern Equipment and Cutting Edge Technology

Avenue Sourire uses the latest equipment and technology, which include:

  • Cone Beam CT Scanner: This enables dentists to take high-quality X-rays of teeth from multiple angles helping them to have a greater understanding of your dental health by giving them a three-dimensional view of the oral cavity.
  • Digital Intraoral Camera: This lets us photograph inside the mouth so that we can show you precisely what we see during consultations, which will help explain any treatment options performed on you.
  • Digital X-ray machine: This allows us to take multiple high-quality images of teeth from different angles during your first visit. These are used for comparison purposes with x-rays taken at later visits.

Good Reputation of Our Dentists

Dentists at Ave Sourire Clinic have dedicated professionals who have achieved their qualification through years of academic study and practical experience behind them before being awarded by local authorities following stringent assessment procedures.

We also offer personalized care at the hands of highly qualified dental professionals. The reputation of Avenue Sourire is based on trust and excellence, which both patients and doctors value. Our goal is to ensure your comfort while providing quality care with the utmost expertise.

Suitability of the Clinic

The hygiene department at Avenue Sourire ensures that all instruments are properly cleaned using high-tech sterilization equipment between each patient visit, ensuring that every surface used during treatment does not contain any harmful bacteria or viruses. Infection control also applies to medical records, which are kept in a sterile environment.


Avenue Sourire ensures that dental care is affordable for everyone. Our prices directly reflect the quality of our services and your satisfaction. We believe that taking proper care of your teeth should be accessible to anyone, regardless of financial status.


Avenue Sourire Dentist Clinic has made it their mission statement to offer the best possible services at affordable prices. No matter what kind of dental care you require, you can rest assured that your treatment will be carried professionally. Whether regular checkups or emergency dental surgery, we have dentists who are always up-to-date on the latest techniques and methods to give you high-quality care for an affordable price.